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138 Thousand Metric Tonnes Rice in Stock

Published on :  17 June, 2020 7:56 am

17 June, Kathmandu : The government and private sector traders have 150 thousand metric tonnes rice grain in stock, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies has stated.

As per the data provided by the Ministry, the Food Management and Trade Company Limited has 15 thousand 59 metric tonnes and the private sector suppliers have 123 thousand 245 metric tonnes rice grain in stock. The Ministry stated that of the stock with the Company, 2,953 metric tonnes is in stock in the 23 remote districts of the country.

Similarly, the private sector industries have 60 thousand metric tonnes rice grains in reserve. Assistant spokesperson of the Ministry, Urmila KC said along with the rice grain the Company has 651 quintals buckwheat, 500 quintals beans, 543 metric tonnes wheat, 13 metric tonnes lentils and various beans in stock. It is in the process of purchasing more rice and wheat.

Likewise, Salt Trading Corporation Limited has 2,748 metric tonnes salt in stock in the districts of the remote areas. It is said the Limited is in the process of importing 136 thousand 775 metric tonnes salt. It has 2,168 metric tonnes sugar in stock while the private industries have 36 thousand 466 metric tonnes in stock.

As per the data released by the Ministry, Nepal Oil Corporation has 35 thousand 928 kilolitres diesel, 7058 kilolitres petrol and 1,360 kilolitres kerosene in reserve at its Thankot depot. It has 6,429 kilolitres aviation fuel in stock at the Sinamangal depot.

Likewise, various gas industries have 1,432 metric tonnes LPG in stock. Spokesperson KC said the sale and distribution of petroleum products has increased in comparison to import of late while the demand for LPG has increased compared to its daily import. RSS

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