Literatti From Home & Abroad Gather At NLF

Meen Thakuri

27 Feb., Dhangadhi : Nepali writers and litterateurs from across globe have arrived here to participate in the Nepali Literature Festival (NLF) and to discuss the most contemporary issues of Nepali literature. The Literature Festival is organised by the Sudur Paschimanchal Sahitya Samaj (Far-western Literary Society).

President Bidya Devi Bhandari inaugurated the Festival amidst a grand opening ceremony here on Wednesday. The participants including some of the prominent names in the field of contemporary Nepali literature will deliberate on more than 30 sessions throughout the Festival period which includes a variety of programmes as debates, lectures, interface with writers, literary symposium and cultural events.


According to the organisers of the Festival, the topics of interaction include- Literature and Politics: Conflict or Inter-connection, The Story of Struggle and Success, University Where Loksabha is Not Read, Dignified Steps of a Dignified Race, Journey of Togetherness: the Sweetness of Maha, Destiny and Direction of Nepali Literary Criticism, History and Culture, Are they in Danger?, Influence of the Mahabharata on Nepali Literature, The Slap of Satire: Loving the Abominable, How is the Life of Nepali Speakers Outside Nepal ?, and Tomorrow’s Nepal in Perspective.

Similarly, interaction would be held on the topics- Gazhal Gunjan: Ke Bhul Bhayo Priya (The Sound of Ghazhal: What Mistake was Made, My Love?, Dialogue of Age: Technology and New Generation, The Darjeeling after IB, Regional Flavour in Fiction, The Pain of Gender Discrimination in Writing, Conflict and Aggravation of Pain: Narayana! Narayana!!, Language, the Connector of Emotions and Basis for Unity, The Place of Poetry, Nepali Disaporic Literature, and The Voice of Burma: Love of the Home Country.

Likewise, the participants will dwell on the situation of Nepali literature in the world literary scenario, the literature and culture of Nepal’s far-west region, the literature of the marginalized communities and media and literature, among other topics. More than 500 literatti including Rashtrakabi Madhav Prasad Ghimire, culture expert Satya Mohan Joshi, former Prime Minister and senior writer Lokendra Bahadur Chand, senior litterateur Lil Bahadur Chhetri, former Chief Minister of Sikkim and senior litterateur Dr Pawan Chamling, among others are attending the Nepali Literature Festival.

The famous cultural pageantry of the far-west region comprising the Panchai Baja,Gaura, Chhaliya dance, Hori and the Ranaputala festivals of Achham, the Hori festival of the Ranatharu community, Sakhiya song and dance, Mungrahawa dance, Hudkeli and Bhuwa dance would be presented throughout the Festival. A food festival featuring the cuisine of the far-west region is also taking place along with the Literature Festival.



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