On-duty police attacked at border

8 May Bardiya : Three police personnel including an officer on duty at the border have come under attack while trying to stop people on their way to India from Bardiya district.
The Armed Police Force (APF) personnel including an Inspector were attacked by a group of four people near Ratnapur at Gulariya-10 on Wednesday.

Police Inspector Dilli Ram Chaudhary reached the site when the four assailants started beating the two constables at the border. The assailants also assaulted Chaudhary and tore his uniform as well. Police has taken the attackers under control.

The arrested are Birendra Mallah, Ram Chandra Mallah, Raj Kumar Mallah and Indra Mallah of Ratnapur, APF Inspector Chaudhary said. However, they were released after the Gulariya municipality, Ward No. 10 Chair, Birendra Chaudhary’s insistence that it was a minor dispute and he would stand as guarantor.


It is said that the four were trying to cross the border to India with the intention of bringing goods from the nearby Indian bazaar. They attacked the police persons as the latter tried to stop them, APF Superintendent Yadav BK said.



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