Robot Will Never Win the Human

Suman Thapaliya

HOD, Department of IT, Texas College of Management and IT.

Suman Thapaliya is an IT professional representing new generation of youth.  He is MBA, MSC.IT, Ph.D. Scholars by academic qualification. He holds professional skills like IRCA Registered Lead Auditor (ISO 27001:2013), Ethical hacking academic Trainer, Mentor at, Instructor at Udemy, along with Cyber Security Specialist. Currently, he is associated with Texas International Educational Network, Katmandu as Head of IT Department. The edited version of conversion with Mr. Thapaliya by our Line Reporter Santosh Khadka are as follows:

  1. Is cyber security only the corporate concern ?

Today’s world is moving towards digitalization. We Nepalese also started to adopt digitalization for example: Online classes, online banking, digital wallet, online shopping and so on. If people are concerned with their sharing and payments, then this can’t be a concern of corporate. No, Cyber security is concern of general public, society, government and of corporate concern.

  1. What is the scope of IT form career perspective ?

Till where our imagination can raise up the scope of IT emerges. We think of supersonic aero craft, bullet train, IOT instruments and we want the entire world in our palm. For the fulfillment of these all IT should get engaged and mandatory . So, the scope of IT will increase more and more in upcoming days. System may differ and IT personal may to learn various platforms but this will go to the peak.

  1. What particular initiation your college is taking for online classes in context to COVID-19 ?

Being educated and professional we should understand the importance of education and the value of time. Keeping all these in mind our college started to bring student in connection and we built out a network where all student was in same forum. Slowly we started our revision classes and after getting wonderful feedback and support from students we carried out this to regular classes also. For this online classes we have been using various available platforms like: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Google Classroom and so on.

  1. Who can study IT course in bachelor ?

We are running various IT Courses at our college. We have program from Tribhuvan University and from Lincoln University College. We offer BIT, BCS, BBA, BCA, BSc. (CSIT), BBS, BSW and BA as bachelor’s program. Student who meet the basic criteria approved by Ministry of Education are eligible to get enrolled in our IT Courses, this is open disciplinary program just student needs to meet the criteria, pass our entrance exam and personal interview.

  1. What is ethical hacking ?

If someone enters into your house to whom you don’t know and you have not invited him/her is a hacker, where as someone who enters into your house, bedroom, restroom, kitchen with your permission and finds out your weakness and inform you about that then that is ethical hacking. In technical term: Ethical hacker are those hackers who takes your concerns, sign the MOU and agrees all the TOR and then enters into your system, make multiple tests and gives you the finding of your security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could potentially exploit is ethical hacking. The purpose of ethical hacking is to evaluate the security system of organization, identify vulnerabilities in existing system and finding and attempting to exploit any vulnerabilities to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activities are possible.

  1. Where are we in IT literacy?

If you compare the understanding of IT in today’s date then I proudly say that we are in increasing state. People are aware, people have started using smartphone, internet, freelancing. Software development company are raising. Government has started recognizing the importance of IT and has started implementing software, data recovery, cloud computing and so on. If we talk about general public the yes, somehow people are getting aware. In reference to students now IT has become the first choice.

  1. What kind of online courses are available in IT certification ?

There are a lot and lot of IT Online courses available few name to mention: Cybrary, Udemy, IBMI, Edx, courser and much more. You can get certification of your choices taking from Basic, Intermediate to Professional Level. Few IT popular certifications are like: CCNA, Linux, CEH, Digital Marketing, AWS, Programming Languages, Block Chain, Data Science, Machine Learning and so on.

  1. People are raising voices on inequality caused by online classes especially for marginalized, community and people. What you say ?

Yes we should respect all human beings and all are equal to us. First thing that general people should understand what online class is? Online class is for the adaptation of technology and getting students engaged in some educational activities so students are in touch with friends, teachers and with college administration. College is not only giving classes but also are offering guest lectures, seminars, webinars and workshops. In support to the marginal community people Telecom providers are offering beautiful packages which are really affordable.

  1. Is Nepal taking benefits from outsourcing (Web/Apps etc) in IT sector? How ?

Yes Nepal is trying to take the possible benefits from outsourcing. If we take a name of giant player in software development, then they are completely dependent on Outsourcing.This is good to the country like us. It further contributes for huge amount of revenue  generating from global market. Outsourcing teaches us to be professional, value of time, sincerity, punctuality and so on.

  1. What IT professionals do in real ?

All white coat wearing doctors are not a surgeon. We specialized in some topics like:
Software Engineer, Network Engineer, Quality Analyst, Penetration Tester, Ethical Hacker, Front End Designer, Back End Designer, Debugger, Developer

Yes, we specialize in a particular domain. Now let’s take example of developer. They again specialize for example: I am Java Developer, I am PHP Developer, I am Android Developer, I am Dot Net Developer, I am Flutter Developer and so on. So, we have a specific designation, roles and responsibilities and job descriptions.

  1. Do you think IT contributes for sustainable development ?

Yes, IT Contributes a lot for the sustainable development for example: F1 soft pays the huge amount of TAX, gives jobs to 1000 + staffs, give services to Private sector, F1Soft also makes apps for commercial banks and various financial institutions in Nepal. They provide services to corporate houses, industrial firms, media houses, telecoms, travel agencies, and other organizations worldwide. The company also provides mobile application development, SMS or text messaging, Website design/development, and top up/airtime transfer services. Other IT associates like Telecom they have a vital role in contributing to the  nation .

  1. What particular courses are provided by your college in IT field ?

TCMITFor now we are offering various IT programs name to mention: Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA), Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc.CSIT), Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT)and Bachelor in Computer Science (BCS),specialized in Network Technology and Cyber Security.

  1. What will happen when IT revolution will reach in climax? Who will be the winner Human or Robot ?

I may be mistaken while saying that Robot will never win the human. Because till date I have not heard that computer has created another computer or any human being. They are programmed and they act according to that program. So, humans are always a creator and they are just a staff. Yes, as shown in various movies they can bring misbalance in society but that will be temporary final step will be taken by human no doubt in this.

  1. How to make the best utilization of ICT? (in reference with use and misuse of internet, you tube, social media etc.)

If you choose the correct path then be sure the use of ICT is always beneficial, we can learn just select a topic you’d like to learn about and learn a lot from Youtube, entertain ourselves by watching movies, serials and so on. Social Media used wisely is purely beneficial. We get connected with friends, relatives and get a chance to make new friends out the globe. Wisely using social media helps you in marketing. Now if we choose the negative part of ICT then this will lead to destruction.



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