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17 May, Ithari : Most of the times we need a reason to start doing something. For instance, when we don’t feel well, we become more open to try everything possible that can help us to feel better and that could be even meditation.

Personally, I think we don’t need any particular reason to start meditating. Even if we are happy with our life, meditation could be very beneficial, it can help with the quality of our life and also I can see meditation as prevention to the series of health issues. We are used to quick fix, everywhere advertisements offer us the choice of hundreds of different polls, tablets, gels for a lot of things with the promise that in a short time we will be ok without having to do anything.

I am referring to a headache, sleeping disorders, anxiety and a lot of other health issues. Don’t get me wrong, we also need to take medicine but a lot of these issues can be sorted out with meditation. The benefits of meditation are many and have also been demonstrated scientifically. I am going to mention few of them which are as follows : 


Main Benefits of Meditation:

  • Meditation decreases the physical tension
  • Fosters spiritual growth
  • Deletes psychosomatic disorders caused by tension
  • Prophylaxis against stress
  • Lowers blood pressure and maintain it
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • It slows the aging process.
  • Recharges our life battery with spiritual energy
  • Creativity and patience
  • Mental, Physical and Emotional well being
  • improves learning skill and capacity
  • Increases self confidence, concentration, memory
  • Helps to identify passion
  • Welcoming and friendly personality
  • Enhance team work and leadership
  • Improves memory and concentration
  • Healthy relationships
  • Improve our study, grades and score
hand writing
Hand writing at a glance.

We generally tend to hear people suggesting us to meditate specially the students actually what happens is that the phase which students have to pass is a bit of bumpy roller coaster ride. So, meditation proves to be extremely beneficial. Students can obtain a lot of benefits through meditation. Peace of mind, good sustainability, good health, concentration and attention are some of the major outcomes of meditation.

Trainer at Jeevan Vigyan,
(Class-10 Student
Bishnu Memorial Secondary School, Dharan)



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