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Commitment to double tiger population will be fulfilled-PM

Published on :  29 July, 2020 10:46 am

Kathmandu : Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said the commitment to double the population of tiger by 2022 would be fulfilled.  Delivering a message on the occasion of the International Tiger Day-2020 today, he said the government has been conducting several activities for the conservation of tigers by engaging communities and stakeholders to realize the commitment.

“Tiger is not only a priceless gift of nature but also the most beautiful creature among the species found in nature. The particular species is only found in warm weather and healthy and hygienic ecosystem”, reads the message.

There has been an assumption that other several species could be conserved if the tigers are well-preserved, the PM added.  Loss of habitat, growing human-wildlife conflict, hunting, poaching and smuggling, climate change risks and disease prevalence have created day-to-day challenges in the conservation of tigers, he said, adding the global community has enlisted the jungle cat as a rare species in the Red Book.

Nepal had the tiger population of 121 in the year 2010 which later increased to 235 in 2018.  Prime Minister Oli has drawn the attention of the concerned authority to manage the habitat for tiger based on the ecosystem as well as the grassy ground, wetlands and source of water for

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