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Foreign Ministry Dismisses Media Report On Nepal-China Boundary, Urges Media To Verify Information On Such Sensitive Issues

Published on :  25 June, 2020 7:35 pm

25 June Kathmandu: Ministry for Foreign Affairs has dismissed a media report regarding Nepal-China boundary and encroachment of Nepali territory and urged the media to verify information from relevant authorities on such sensitive matters.

“Attention of the Ministry has been drawn to the reports in the media regarding Nepal-China boundary and encroachment of Nepali territory. The news allegedly based on the “report” of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development which that Ministry has already refuted and clarified stating that such “report” doesn’t exist and that the subject matter doesn’t fall under its jurisdiction,” the ministry said in a press statement issued on Thursday.

The Ministry made it clear that the boundary between Nepal and China was delineated and demarcated on the basis of the Boundary Treaty of 5 October 1961 and the subsequent protocols signed between the two countries.

Boundary Markers No. 37 and 38 reported as missing in the media reports have never been erected as agreed between the two countries owing to natural conditions, the ministry said.

The Government of Nepal will solve through mutual consultation between the concerned authorities of the two countries in case any issue arises, read the press statement of the ministry.

The Ministry requests the media to verify the information from the relevant authorities before commenting on such sensitive matters which may adversely affect the relations between the two friendly neighbors, said the ministry.


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