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Government working to realize Pushpalal’s dream : PM Oli

Published on :  22 July, 2020 4:39 pm

22 July, Kathmandu : has claimed that the government has done important works which contribute to the materialization of the dream of late leader Pushpalal.

PM Oli paid tribute to the founding general secretary of Nepal Communist Party, Pushpalal Shrestha, on his 42nd Memorial Day today.

PM Oli further argued that the present government was working untiringly for the equality and prosperity. He stressed unity among all to ensure prosperous nation and happy Nepali.
“The divided communist movement is united, national and robust. NCP got nearly two-third of the votes,” he said, adding, “We’ve addressed the organizational political aspiration of the late leader Pushpalal to a large extent.”

The PM also recalled the founding days of communist movement, its organization, Nepali society, political ideology of those days led by the late Pushpalal. According to the PM, Pushpalal had the political objective of ending feudalism and establishment of republic by forwarding organized ideological thoughts and guideline. The late leader was also synonymous to social justice, equity and patriotism.

“No leader of the contemporary left-democratic politics and any other parties is equal to the stature of Pushpalal,” he argued, adding it is what the prime characteristics of the late Pushpalal. PM Oli called on everyone to remember the role of the late leader Pushpalal by achieving equality with prosperity.

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