Labourers in transport sector demand their salary for lockdown period

Pokhara : Nepal Transport Independent Labourer’s Organization Gandaki State Committee today drew attention of the Chief Minister of Gandaki State, Prithvi Subba Gurung, to meet their demands for salaries, facilities, health care services and other concerns.

The organization said that the workers affiliated to it suffered severely due to the lockdown order issued to contain the spread of coronavirus and called for insurance and security schemes for the workers while resuming the public transportation.

Asking to ensure compulsory insurance against the coronavirus pandemic, the organization said that the transportation workers in private schools, distributor companies and industries were not provided with their salaries during the time of lockdown while demanding to take initiatives to provide their salary immediately.

The organization has also asked for other relief package to those workers laid off from the lockdown. Receiving the memo, Chief Minister Gurung said that the demands of the workers were genuine and pledged to meet their demands from the Gandaki State Government.