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Laws regarding fundamental rights near implementation phase: Minister Tumbahangphe

Published on :  17 June, 2020 6:11 pm

17 June Kathmandu (RSS): Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Dr Shivamaya Tumbahangphe has said the laws relating to fundamental rights have neared implementation phase.

In her response to queries raised in regard with headings concerning the Ministry under the Appropriation Bill-2077 BS in a session of National Assembly today, the Minister said regulations relating to only two fundamental rights were left to be formulated.

As the Minister briefed the session, 14 rights had already got the regulations and final discussions were awaited to develop regulations under the right to housing and right relating to food and discussions were further delayed to the lockdown.

In her reply to lawmakers’ concern over a delayed court hearing procedures, the Minister pledged to take initiation for allocating budget required to make justice delivery prompt, accessible and to strengthen local level’s judicial committees.

”The Supreme Court and the Ministry have their own sides and courses of action, their budget and plans are different,” Minister Tumbahangphe said, adding facilitation for allocating required budget to the SC, high and district courts went on, but all bodies were facing budgetary constraint as public health had been the foremost priority of the hour and ahead.

She further made it clear that citizens’ health was the top priority in the budget for upcoming fiscal year and it had caused budget deficiency in other sectors.

However, the Minister pledged no budget crunch for capacity enhancement training under the ministry. She was of the view of applying experience -based knowledge in justice execution.

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