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Local levels of Nuwakot present budget over Rs 6 billion

Published on :  25 June, 2020 7:44 pm

25 June Nuwakot : All local levels of Nuwakot district have completed their respective municipal assembly. As informed, all 12 local levels presented their annual policy and programmes along with budget at the local assemblies held on Wednesday.

The local levels of the district unveiled the budget proposal amounting altogether Rs 6 billion and 79 million. Bidur municipality topped the list of local levels in the size of budget with Rs 1.08 billion followed by Belkotgadhi municipality Rs 999.3 million.

Among the local municipalities, Shivapuri presented the budget of Rs 492.5 million, Kakani Rs 430 million, Dupcheswor Rs 410 million, Panchakanya Rs 409.3 million, Kispang Rs 400.2 million, Tarakeswor Rs 396.8 million, Suryagadhi Rs 381.2 million, Likhu Rs 377.8 million and Tadi Rs 361.9 million. Myagang rural municipality presented the least sum of budget amounting Rs 340 million in the district.

Some local levels have endorsed the policy and programme along with budget while remaining local levels would pass it after completing deliberations, it is informed. All the local levels have laid emphasis on preventing and control measures against coronavirus pandemic in their policy, programs and budgets.

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