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Lockdown order extended for a week in Dhanusha

Published on :  16 August, 2020 9:56 pm

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Janakpurdham : The District Administration Office, Dhanusha, has extended the prior lockdown order for one more week in Dhanusha.

A press statement issued by Chief District Officer Prem Prasad Bhattarai on Sunday reads that the lockdown period has been extended till August 23 as the current lockdown period is going to end from this midnight.

The lockdown period has been extended as coronavirus infection is increasing in the district. Shops would be opened till 10:00 am everyday during the lockdown period.

The DAO through the press release has also asked the shopkeepers and customers to use gloves, facemasks and sanitizer as well as to maintain phyiscla distance mandatorily. The lockdown has been imposed in the district since August 3.

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