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Madi municipality to be sealed off for five days

Published on :  11 June, 2020 11:40 am

11 June, Bharatpur : The Madi municipality of Chitwan district has been sealed off for five days. A meeting of the municipality-level COVID-19 prevention and control coordination committee on Wednesday decided to seal off the municipality for five days to be effective from today.

Mayor Thakur Prasad Dhakal said movement of vehicles to and from Madi has been completely banned during this period. However, the vehicles on essential services would be allowed to operate.

Dhakal said this decision was warranted with the increase in the number of coronavirus infection cases in the municipality. According to him, operation of vehicles including motorcycles and auto rickshaws has been fully prohibited within the municipality, and all shops and organisations except institutions and shops providing essential services would be closed. In case anyone had to come out of the house for emergency work, they would have to inform the police.

Mayor Dhakal also said the committee has decided to strictly enforce the health safety measures including use of face masks and maintenance of social distance. Six people of the municipality were found infected with coronavirus on Monday.

They had come home from India and had been staying in quarantine at local Someshwor Secondary School. The patients are now being treated at the Corona Special (Temporary) Hospital in Bharatpur.

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