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Nepali Congress Submits Special Memo to Government From 120 Places

Published on :  17 June, 2020 6:14 pm

17 June, Kathmandu : The Nepali Congress has submitted special memorandum to the Prime Minister from 120 places across the country and abroad. Through the special memorandum, the main opposition party in parliament has protested what it called the government’s incompetence, corruption and irresponsible tendency in the fight against coronavirus pandemic.

Nepali Congress central office chief secretary Krishna Prasad Poudel said even in the present difficult situation the party has presented before the government and the Prime Minister the dissatisfaction of the entire Nepali people regarding the government’s handling of the fight against COVID-19, their suggestion and expectations.

The special memorandum was presented to the Prime Minister through the Federal Parliament NC parliamentary party and to the Chief Minister of the State government through the State Assembly NC parliamentary party. Similarly, all the 77 district working committee of the party submitted the special memorandum to the Prime Minister through the Chief District Officer while the Nepali Congress’ Nepali migrants liaison committees abroad submitted the special memo to the PM through the Nepali embassies in various countries, Poudel said.

The main opposition party has, through the memorandum, drawn the attention of the Prime Minister towards the grave situation caused by coronavirus pandemic. It has called for immediately stopping the rapid diagnostic test (RDT) for coronavirus infection and widening the reach of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests across the country.

Likewise, the NC has called for immediately putting to an end the shortage of medical goods, equipment and kits and promptly managing the required medical supplies in adequate quantity and numbers. The main opposition party has urged the government to take incidents as people dying and rape in quarantine seriously, and taking action against the guilty. It has called on the government to make the quarantines throughout the country up to the standard.

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