Lockdown diary of multi-talented dynamic artist Arjun Sapkota

Kathmandu: From the age of 16, Arjun Sapkota started his career in music and has been successful in recording more than a dozen songs. Among those released, songs like “Banki Chari”, “Dhalkera Nachhu”, “Pardesiko Pida” are popular amid the Nepalese community.

His new songs titled “Nagara Pir Maya”, “Simalaima Maina” are on the process of being released. Additionally, he also created music in the song “Botaima Amba Chha”.

Sapkota, who has been a sensation in stage performances has traveled to different countries like India and Australia for live performances. He had been a host and program coordinator for some time in Darpan FM Station of Nawalparasi. Sapkota is keen to sing Nepali folk songs, Dohori, Bhajan as well as interested in modeling.

In recent years, he has contributed much to music production, lyrics composition, and the music industry as a whole. Due to his dynamic participation in the industry, Sapkota has been congratulated by many famous artists and considers that they have bolstered his courage even more.

Sapkota pursued his interest in music since his early schooling times at Chormara, Nawalparasi. Though currently a student of management, he has not given up his passion for recording his songs. His recent hit “Banki Chari” has received 6 million views on Youtube. He has a huge fan following as well, with more than 100k followers on both Facebook and TikTok.

Even though a resident of Kathmandu, Nepal, Arjun Sapkota is currently residing in his hometown of Nawalparasi due to the lockdown of COVID-19 enforced by the Nepal Government. He is passing his time there with his family and his local fans and getting involved in different entertaining programs for his society.

He has also been coming Live in social networks, talking, and singing about life in lockdown with his fans and followers. Besides entertaining others, he is also writing new songs during his time in his home.