Govt. Working by Being Accountable, Minister Bhatta Says

1 Nov. Mahendranagar : Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Lekhraj Bhatta has said that the government was fulfilling its duty by being accountable to the people amid the coronavirus pandemic. At a programme organised for the establishment of Daiji-Chhela Industrial Estate in Bedkot of Kanchanpur district on Sunday, Bhatta argued that the government was working responsibility in tackling the coronavirus pandemic despite the country’s poor economy.

On the occasion, Minister Bhatta said that misinformation was disseminated on PCR testing adding that the government will bear the cost of the PCR testing for the poor. “This was twisted and a rumour was spread,” he added. Saying that the government was working to contain the Covid-19, Bhatta said that the government would never stay away from its responsibility in this regard. On the occasion, he said that establishment of an industrial estate there was the people’s long-awaited expectation and this was being materialised soon.