Government Aided Cooperative Shops Not in Sight

3 Nov., Humla : The cooperative shops established in Humla with the grant aid of the government to provide daily consumptive goods to local in a subsidized rates have not come into operation. The government had aided Rs 100,000 each in the then 27 village development committees of the district for the establishment of cooperative shops through the District Agriculture Development Office.

In absence of monitoring from the concerned agencies, all 27 government-aided cooperative shops have not existed anymore. With this, the government’s popular programme ‘Cooperatives in every village and food store in every house’ has been in limbo. Locals commented that the government-granted cooperative shops are not in existence in any village and boards were put up in the formative days for mere show-up of shops. Even these boards are not in sight these days.

It may be noted that the government headed by Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai had put forth this programme and provided seed money of Rs 100,000 each.Each cooperative had received government grant of Rs 100,000 to establish cooperative shop, one each in then 27 VDCs of Humla.