Education Be Linked With Work and Skills : Minister Pokharel

4 Nov., Kathmandu : Minister for Education, Science and Technology Girirajmani Pokharel has underscored the need to make optimum usage of the science and technology and link education with labour and production. Addressing a virtual dialogue organized by the Education Policy and Practice Centre here today, Minister Pokharel argued that prosperity could be attained by linking education to skills and production.

Pokharel viewed that the role of the teachers was more important to provide a quality education to the students and urged them to be active and focused in teaching-learning activities than involving themselves in political party-backed associations. Furthermore, he spoke of the need to launch a campaign for bringing education to the reach of all the people in Madhesh although once-upon-a-time Madhesh and Terai was hub for study and had contributed in producing highly educated human resources.

Minister Pokharel who had caught COVID-19 has been recovered and returned to office since last Tuesday. Also speaking in the virtual event, Nepali Congress leader Pradeep Giri underlined the need to catapult the education sector in Madhesh by effectively implementing the federalism. According to him, the central-oriented political system had been a hindrance for the education reform in Madhesh.

Likewise, Minister for Social Development in State No 2 Nawal Kishore Shah asserted the education in the Madhesh fell backward due to the atrocity and disparity against the Madheshis during the Panchayat reign (One-party rule). The member of National Planning Commission Dr Usha Jha said the education was connected to the social development and pointed out the need to build capacity of the teachers.

National Human Rights Commission member Mohana Ansari suggested the local units to work towards bringing the Muslims and Dalit communities to the reach of education. Scholars like Kedar Bhakta Mathema, Dr Binaya Kusiyat, Prof Dr Bidhyanath Koirala, Tika Bhattarai, and Dr Surendra Lav among others had also presented their remarks in the programme.