Border security forces in Baitadi struggling with telephone, road problems

Baitadi : Security forces guarding the border with India in the district have faced difficulties due to problems in telephone service and roadways. Border outposts (BOP) have been set up at three places (Jhulaghat, Rolghat and Kusmautghat) at the border in the district where Armed Police Force has been stationed to safeguard the borders.

“We are struggling with problems in telephone and roads. As a result, we are forced to use Indian SIM cards for communications and have been at risk on duty. Nepali telephone network does not work effectively here,” said Deputy Superintendent of the APF (Nepal Number 51 Company, Baitadi), Ganesh Bahadur Shah.

The problems have been reported to the telephone office, but to no avail so far, he said. The telephone office chief Bikram Tamata said that initiatives had been taken to resolve the problems.

“Telephone towers should be added in the areas. The higher-ups have been informed about it,” he said. Baitadi district has shared 61 kilometers border with neighbouring India. BOPs have been set up at three places in between. Thirty five APF personnel led by APF Inspector have been posted at the BOPs.