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NPI Community Hospital’s entire staff test negative for COVID-19

Published on :  16 June, 2020 12:57 pm

16 June Chitwan : The NPI Narayani Community Hospital’s entire staffers have tested negative for the coronavirus. Last week, a doctor and a patient were tested positive for the virus and this followed the COVID-19 testing on all medical and health workers and employees.

As said by hospital’s executive chair Dr Bhaktaman Shrestha, the doctor who was tested positive is also tested negative in the latest test which included 16 people. Prior to this, test results of 55 people including medical workers, employees and patients were negative. Earlier, a patient who was diagnosed with carrying the virus had later died at the Bharatpur Hospital amid treatment. The test was based on contact tracing procedures.

With the detection of the virus on two, the hospital service had come to a total halt but now the services have been resumed from Sunday. It was sanitised before the reopening.
The hospital is resuming ICU service from today. As the hospital said, it did its best to stem the infection from further spreading. All workforces having contact with the infected ones were sent in quarantine in hotels and the infected doctor was put in hospital’s quarantine.

District Health Office, Chitwan’s Chief Deepak Tiwari confirmed that tests showed that now no one in hospitals had contacted the virus. Hospital’s proprietor Bishnu Kuwar said with the negative test results, they are confident to resume the service. As he said, the hospital service delivery meets the World Health Organisations’ and government’s guidelines.

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