Number of COVID-19 infected crosses 3,000 in Karnali

24 Sept, Birendranagar : The caseload of coronavirus infected persons has reached more than three thousand in Karnali. According to the Ministry of Social Development, the number of infected has so far reached 3,276 in the Karnali state.

Similarly, the number of persons recovering from the infection has reached 2.731. In the test for coronavirus infection conducted in the last 24 hours, the infection has been found in 48 more people the health service Division at the Ministry stated.

The test was carried out at the Province Hospital and the Livestock Disease research Laboratory Surkhet. The number of active infection cases in Karnali has reached 539. PCR tests has been conducted on 71 thousand 997 people in the Karnalis state so far. Six people have succumbed to the flu-like disease in the state so far.