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Preparation on to bring vehicle fitness test centre into operation

Published on :  2 July, 2020 3:58 pm

2 July Kathmandu : Preparation has been made to bring the vehicle fitness test centre into operation again. The centre had not come into full operation till a decade even after installing the machines.

Centre Chief Maniram Bhusal said that experts would test the machines installed at the centre to assess whether or not the machines are functioning. Foreign experts would also involve along with the Nepali experts for the study. The centre would be brought into operation after repair and maintenance of machines are in good condition. New machines would be installed if the installed machines are not the functional condition.

He shared, “Decision will be made whether to carry out repair and maintenance of the machines or to buy new ones as per the suggestion of the experts.”  Two machines were installed for the fitness test of heavy and light vehicles at the centre one decade ago. The Centre has made preparation to bring even a single machine into operation in the beginning.

Bhusal added all the services of the centre were closed during the lockdown but 12, out of 14 staffs of the office, are now working. The government has also set up vehicle fitness test centre in Butwal and Hetauda and activities for the arrangement of staffs is being carried out at these centres. The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport has set a plan to establish one centre each in all seven states.

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