Safety Booth Developed to Carry COVIDE-19 Infected Patients

10 Sept, Galeshwar : The National Innovation Centre has developed a safe booth to reach the COVID-19 patients to hospitals. The booth is designed as the safer device to carry infected persons averting the risk of further infection to other people in course of transporting infected persons from one place to another.

According to Centre chair Mahabir Pun, the equipment was designed so as the ambulance driver and other persons in the vehicle would have no risk of infection from the patient. Pun added that its trial examination is over and now will come into use very soon.

The booth has two wholes separately designed for the entry of oxygen and exist of air. The exit hole has filter mask so that the air coming out from the box would be filtered and there would therefore be no risk of disease transmission to others. It is shared that the safety booth was designed based on the ‘negative pressure chamber’.