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State-2 at high risk of COVID-19

Published on :  24 July, 2020 4:20 pm


State 2 has been at high risk of COVID-19 with the infection fast spreading. So far 4,321 people were infected in the state and eight people have died from the virus.

Two people died from the infection recently in a week. One infected was from Rajbiraj in Saptari district and another was 73-year-old from Birgunj in Parsa district. Of the infected people, 2,880 people were discharged from health institutions after being cured.
The 73-year-old died on July 16 at Dharan-based hospital. He was suffering from respiratory problems, it has been said. Following the death of the elderly man, the local administration has issued a prohibitory order in Rajbiraj from Thursday.

A district crisis management center meeting scheduled to take place today is expected to take additional decision in this regard after 22 infection cases including four of a single family in the deceased’s neighbourhood were added recently, said Duniya Lal Yadav of the district public health office, Saptari.

The second day of the prohibition order saw Rajbiraj bearing a deserted look. The order will continue until further notice, said a notice issued by Chief District Officer Shankar Hari Acharya.

In accordance with the Clause 6 (3) and Clause 2 of the Infectious Disease Act- 2020, the District Security Committee has instructed for avoiding non-essential movements within the municipality and not letting happen this.

Pharmacies, food stores, fruits and vegetables stores, hospitals and healthcare centers, vehicles meant for carrying goods and construction materials, government printing press, communications service, banking service, internal security works, supply of drinking water, transportation, storage and distribution of petroleum products, waste collection and its transportation, electric service, agricultural related works, and vehicles meant for the transportation of agri and livestock products and workshops are allowed to operate.

Shortage of VTM

When the COVID-19 infection rate is rapidly spreading in Saptari, VTM, the district is facing shortage of equipment required for collecting swab sample. As said by District Public Health Office officiating chief Duniyalal Yadav, though the State’s supply center on last Wednesday sent 250 VTMs for the district, the dearth continues.

We, being based on the state of infections rate, suspected cases and contract tracing, at present need 500 VTMs for swab collection, said Yadav.  The death of a 70-year-old person on Thursday at the district headquarters has increased the risk of the spread of the virus in community. According to the family source, the case is not related to any travel history.

The case highlights the further need of maintaining social and physical distancing, avoiding crowd and the use of hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing with soap and water though the lockdown against the virus which was lifted since the night of July 21.

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