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Supreme Commander Ganeshman Singh’s 23 Memorial Day being observed today

Published on :  18 September, 2020 12:55 pm

18 Sept, Kathmandu : The 23rd death anniversary of Ganeshman Singh, the supreme commander of the People’s Movement-1990 waged for the reinstatement of democracy, is being marked today by organizing several programmes.

Veteran democratic leader Siingh had become an epitome of political honesty for his courage, dedication and untiring struggle for people’s freedoms.  He had demonstrated a higher sense of renunciation in politics by offering the prime minister post to his contemporary leader Krishna Prasad Bhattarai following the success of the 1990 People’s Movement.

Singh who was born to a well-off family of Kathmandu first had waged his struggle against the Rana oligarchy as a member of Praja Parishad, the first political party established in the country in 1940. The then ruler had jailed him after his active engagement in the campaign to abolish Rana regime.

As a leader of the country’s popular democratic movement in 1950 Ganeshman Singh had led the armed struggle against the Rana from Birgunj. Principally he was one of the staunch supporters and followers of BP Koirala. He also became a senior minister in the Nepali Congress-led government in 1958.

He had served a jail term of eight years following the takeover of democracy by the then monarch in 1960. He had also returned Nepal with BP adopting the principle of national unity and reconciliation and remained active against the Panchayati System.

The iron man Singh had also played a lead role in the popular student movement of 1979 and also the referendum in their campaign for reinstating democracy and civic freedoms in Nepal. Following the demise of BP Koirala, Singh took the leadership of the peaceful movement (Satyagraha) in 1985.

His substantial contribution was visible in the 1990 when the entire country joined in the national movement against the Panchayat system. He led the movement as a supreme commander. He was the one who brought the communists to the democratic movement.

The 23rd memorial day of the supreme commander of the people’s movement is being marked across the country today. Nepali Congress Central Department of Information and Communications, BP Koirala Youth Leadership Forum and other sister wings of the Nepali Congress are marking the day by organizing various programmes. Due to coronavirus infection, most of the commemorative programmes are being organized through zoom, shared the NC central office.

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