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Tea manufacturers, local government in quarrel

Published on :  22 July, 2020 4:51 pm

22 July, Ilam :  Tea manufacturers at the Suryodaya municipality in Ilam have accused an official monitoring team of attacking on their image and reputation. Disputes in tea business is almost an ever-present issue here. The argument began between farmers and industries a few months ago is yet to be settled.

The team comprising mayor Ran Bahadur Rai, deputy mayor Durga Devi Bhattarai, municipality’s tea section secretariat coordinator Devendra Sharma and Tea and Coffee Board representative visited tea industries for what it said to know about the state of implementation of criteria introduced two years ago by the local government.

The team has been accused of posting a status on social site, claiming that industries failed to meet the minimum criteria following the monitoring, The industries have expressed reservations over this move, terming it as an attack on their prestige and reputation. The local government has fixed the price of green tea leaves at Rs 40 per kg.

The Suryodaya Tea Production Association in a press statement accused the team of creating unusual atmosphere among industries, workers and farmers during the monitoring. The local government has been accused of inappropriate behaviour during the monitoring.

On its part, the local government has clarified thatindustries were not abiding by the criteria and it had merely tried to make them aware of it. It may be noted that tea farmers here are not happy for prices they are getting for supplying raw materials to tea industries who are alleged of providing meagre amount to farmers.

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