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Teachers mobilized for documentation

Published on :  25 September, 2020 10:35 am

25 Sept, Mahendranagar : At a time when the education sector was battered by the coronavirus pandemic, the teachers of Kanchanpur have reached out to the home of students for documentation.  According to the student learning facilitation directive enforced by the government effective since September 17, the teachers of community and institutional schools have been mobilized for documentation up to October1, shared the Education Development and Coordination Unit Kanchanpur.

“We have started collecting students’ details as part of the preparation of teaching and learning”, said unit in-charge Bharat Babu Subedi. “The task of documenting students’ details is ongoing across the district”, he said, adding that the schools however would not come into operation until another decision.

The teachers have used health safety protocols such as using health materials and maintaining physical distance while reaching to the doorsteps of the students, he shared. Efforts are also being made on the occasion as to how students can be taught in their settlements, he shared.

There are 261 community and 232 institutional schools in Kanchanpur. Teacher Lok Bahadur Singh, who was deputed in the field for documentation, said the parents and students were not found in favour of running classes now.

“Most of the institutional schools’ students are coming to get enrollment in community schools with the prevalence of coronavirus”, Singh said, adding that, “We have also initiated a campaign for students’ enrollment along with the documentation”. Parents had voiced their complaints for the schools charging high for adopting alternative modes of teaching and learning including online cases, he said while sharing the findings of door-to-door visits.

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