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Tunnel changed into quarantine facility in Dailekh village

Published on :  4 June, 2020 2:44 pm

4 June Dailekh : As all the quarantine facilities setup at community schools were occupied by the new comers, Thatikadha Rural Municipality in Dailekh district has used vegetable growing tunnel as the makeshift quarantine facility.

Emergency quarantine facilities are also being developed with the use of plastic in the vegetable growing lands as all the quarantines were housed, Rural Municipality Chairperson Dhir Bahadur Shahi said. “Either we have to let the villagers go anywhere they want or we have to manage (them) from whatever resources we have,” shared Shahi.

So far, over 1,000 folks have entered into the Rural Municipality from India during the lockdown period after the outbreak of coronavirus infection. However, none of them is tested for the virus.

According to Shahi, he was informed that a team of health workers was coming for the checkup of those people under quarantine. Chairperson Shahi said that he was obliged to work for the management of India returnees as the State government sent those people back home and ordered the local governments to keep those people in quarantine.

No one assessed the capacity of the local government, he complained.  He also complained the poor discipline on the part of some quarantined people adding that they barely maintained the physical distance and appled precautions against the spread of the virus.

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