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Upper Dolpa sees food shortage ; supply halted over a year

Published on :  18 September, 2020 1:27 pm

18  Sept, Jajrrkot : The upper Dolpa has faced a shortage of food when its supply has been halted for over a year. The supply was not made due to no border entry permission from northern neighbour China. There is a stock of food in the district headquarters Dunai but its transport to the upper belt of the district has been obstructed in lack of permission.

Food Management and Trade Company Limited Dolpa chief Kamal Raj Pandey shared that it is required to use Chinese border checkpoint to transport food stuff so the supply has not been made in absence of permission from Chinese side.

“No rice quantity has been transported to upper Dolpa for over a year. The local production is not self-sufficient. The people face food shortage when supply is not made from the headquarters”, he said  Last year the residents of Upper Dolpa had descended to Dunai, Jajarkot and Rukum-West on foot to arrange food including rice. Chairperson of Tsche-Foksundo rural municipality Tasi Tundup Guring said the villagers could not even walk to the neighbouring district market due to coronavirus fear.

“Residents of upper Dolpa have not dared to come outside due to coronavirus this time. Food shortage has occurred in lack of supply from the government”, he said, adding, “It has already been delayed. It needs to be transported by air”.

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