CellPay adds new services in its app

15 April Kathmandu : Cellcom, an NRB Licensed payment service provider- CellPay has added new services in its app. Considering the demands of the customer, new services for EMI payment of Syakar Investment Company, Insurance payments of Reliance Life, Sanima Life and NLG insurance has been added in CellPay along with Remittance services of City Express Money Transfer. Customers can now easily use these new services with the help of CellPay mobile or Web application.

Considering the directive of Government of Nepal to reduce any unnecessary crowd in public to reduce the risk of global pandemic Corona Virus (COVID 19) and requested the public to practice social distancing and only leave their house for important work. In these situations, CellPay has added new services in its app which will further help the customers in maintaining social distancing along with taking care of their important payments & domestic Remittance. For using these new added services from CellPay, Customers can use their CellPay app/web and navigate to the new service buttons and can perform their payments after filling out all the required details.

In addition, customers can now also enjoy domestic remittance services using CellPay, for which customer can navigate to the newly added Remittance button in CellPay app and select their preferred remittance service from City Express Money transfer and after filling out the required details, customers can easily send money to various parts of Nepal. The amount sent through remittance can be received by the beneficiary by simply showing the Unique ID received by the sender in CellPay app which he/she has to share with the receiver. The receiver then has to show that Unique ID to the concerned Remittance agents present across Nation and withdraw the amount easily.

CellPay is an easy, fast and reliable payment service provider that can easily be used both in smartphone and web application. Other unique features of CellPay include:

1. Real Time Transaction
2. No Wallet
3. Secured
4. No Merchant Fees
5. Loyalty Point

Customers can easily make real time payments for Telecom Services, Electricity, T.V., Internet Payments, Restaurants and Fund Transfer from one to another Bank, Domestic remittance, P2P, P2B, B2P, B2B and other services. Customers can enjoy these services through any of the partnered bank with CellPay. CellPay app is available in both Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.