Four Additional Government Offices Shut Service Delivery in Kavre

8 Sept., Kavre : Four additional government offices in Kavrepalanchowk district have shut their services for indefinite time after their employees tested positive for the coronavirus. The offices remained closed for indefinite periods related to the financial, reconstruction, industry and health sector. Dhulikhel-based Cottage and Small Industry Office chief Keshab Prasad Pudasaini said the office has been shut for indefinite period after confirmation of the virus transmission on an employee of the office.

He urged all other employees coming in close contact with him to remain high alert and carry out PCR tests. “We all tested negative for the virus on Sunday. As the infected employee was in the tax branch all coming in close contact with him are requested to undergo PCR test”, he said.

Likewise, Dhulikhel-based National Reconstruction Authority District Implementation Unit (Building), Rastriya Banijya Bank Dhulikhel branch and Kavrebhanjyang health post in Dhulikhel have remained closed after their employees were diagnosed with coronavirus infection. However, the bank has clarified that its office will be closed until the PCR reports of all the employees of Dhulikhel branch are received.

Earlier, an emergency meeting of the district-based crisis management centre had shut the services of three offices having overcrowd of service seekers citing growing numbers of corona infection cases. The offices closed for three days were Inland Revenue Office Dhulikhel, Land Revenue Office and Survey Office.

The Centre has directed all service delivery organizations of the district to provide service placing high alert measures in view of a spike of coronavirus cases. Kavre district alone has so far witnessed the death toll of two people from coronavirus and the infection among 324.