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List of 391 Nepalis wanting to go home Nepal forwarded to government

Published on :  9 June, 2020 10:39 pm

9 June, London : The Nepali embassy here has send the details of 391 Nepali nationals who want to return home in Nepal to the government. The embassy collected the details of the Nepalis who were stranded in Britain due to the lockdown and send it to Kathmandu on Monday, embassy spokesperson Sharad Raj Aaran said.

The details were collected through the Information Collection Committee formed at the initiatives of the embassy. Aaran said that among the list of 391 people, 154 are those whose visa term has expired or was expiring this month.

Similarly, 94 among these people have lost work and wanted to return home while 50 are students who have completed their studies or had come for higher studies. Also in the list are Nepali Army officers who had come here for training and five other employees, 21 doctors and other employees who were here for training and taking their exams and 65 people who had come to meet their family members or for other purposes.

The embassy had published a notice last week asking the Nepalis who wanted to return to Nepal to submit their details. Aaran said the embassy will provide additional information regarding the travel date and plan of these people after the Government of Nepal decides on the list the embassy has send.

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