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Madhyapurthimi Municipality to Mobilise Robots for COVID-19 cases Treatment

Published on :  10 September, 2020 2:41 pm

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10 Sept., Bhaktapur : Madhyapurthimi municipality is to mobilize nursing robots in treatment of coronavirus infected patients in its hospital. Mayor Madan Sundar Shrestha shared that three nursing robots would be mobilized for this purpose at the Nepal-Korea Friendship Hospital run by the municipality. He further said that the municipality has expedited PCR test to stop coronavirus infection as well as has kept quarantine, isolation facilities, ICU with ventilator in ready position in its area.

Stating that the trial of employing nursing robot has already been carried out at the hospital, he said preparation has been made to bring nursing robot into operation from third week of September. The robot would be used to provide medicine and foods to patients. Mayor Shrestha added that the hospital would be the first hospital in the country providing service using robots, adding that around Rs 1.5 million budget would be spent for procuring three robots invented by Nepali youths.

A total of 9,000 people have underwent PCR test for coronavirus so far in the lab of the Municipality. Shrestha shared that a total of 327 people have tested positive for coronavirus so far, 90 returned home after recovery, 90 are at community isolation facilities and 171 at home isolation in the municipality area.

The municipality has expedited contact tracing to control coronavirus infection, said mayor Shrestha, adding , “We have been making accessible management of the infected people. We along with people’s representatives reach the houses of infected people and resolve problems the coronavirus infected are facing and encourage them after counseling them.”

The municipality has allocated 30-bed capacity isolation ward with oxygen supply and 11-bed capacity ICU at the Nepal Korea Friendship Municipality Hospital with total 85 beds. Out of the 11 beds in the ICU, eight beds are equipped with ventilator. He said dialysis machine has been installed in one bed reserved for kidney patients. The municipality has already kept more than 100 suspected COVID-19 cases in quarantine in a guest house close the the hospital.

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