Monsoon to stay around one week more

Kathmandu : Still a week is left for monsoon’s exit from Nepal. Meteorologist Nirajan Sapkota said the monsoon has already started its departure from the western part of the country. “It will take one week for the monsoon which has started to dissipate from the western parts of the country to reach to the eastern parts,” he said, adding that the exit of the monsoon starts from the western part and concludes from the east.

Monsoon had gone away in the first week of October last year. Although September 23 is the normal time for the monsoon’s exit, its exit time has reached till first week of October in the last two to three years.

The weather at present is partly cloudy in the hilly region of the country. It will be generally cloudy in State 1, Bagmati state, Gandaki state and State 5 tonight and partly cloudy in the rest of the states with the possibility of light rain in some places of State 1, Bagmati state, Gandaki state, Karnali state and State 5.

As per the Meteorological Forecasting Division’s weather update, the minimum temperature in Kathmandu Valley today was 18.8 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature was 30.4 degrees Celsius.

Similarly, the minimum temperature throughout the country today was recorded in Jumla at 12.6 degrees Celsius while the highest temperature of 34.7 degrees Celsius was recorded in Nepalgunj.