NLTC Objects to Supreme Court’s Decision on Embossed Number Plate

10 Sept, Pokhara : The Nepali Language Teachers Council has objected the decision of the Supreme Court (SC) to put only the Roman letters on embossed number plates on vehicles. Issuing a press release today, Council chair Dilliram Aryal stated that it was the conspiracy against the Nepali language and culture. The press release further reads that such decisions have the evil motive of damaging Nepali language and culture under ‘unseen design’.

The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) had started to install the embossed registration number plates on vehicles in Kathmandu Valley from August of 2017 and the move was halted for about three years. It was suspended after a writ petition was filed in the Supreme Court seeking to put Nepali Devanagari letters on the number plate. After this, the SC had ordered to stop the process until further decision.

Meanwhile, the SC recently made a decision to open the process of resuming embossed number plate putting Roman letters only. The apex court’s latest decision has been met with objections and protest by different organizations and concerned sides.