RPP Chair Thapa vows to establish party as strong force

20 Sept, Kathmandu : Chairperson of Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Kamal Thapa on Sunday pledged to establish the party as a strong force. The country would become efficient, prosperous and sovereign only by pursuing RPP’s ideology as Nepal is faced with geo-political situation, he claimed at a virtual meeting with office-bearers and members of sister organizations of the RPP here.

He stressed the need for youth generation to raise the party and leading the country on the right path by clearing illusion within the party.  High priority would be given to build the party as a strong pro-monarchy democratic power in need for the country after settling party unity as soon as possible and make it as an alternate party, he said.

Stating that the country was stuck in problems due to wrong roadmap, he said the new generation should be aware enough to safeguard religion, culture, identity and dignity. Likewise, he pledged to expedite party’s organizational activities while establishing party’s principles and ideologies. The meeting was attended by chiefs and office bearers of 21 sister’s organization of the party.